No Knockoffs

No Knockoffs


At Vertex USA, our goal is to provide awareness to aftermarket automotive consumers regarding authentic products and their copied counterparts.

Let’s face it, knock off products are everywhere. Regardless of the industry, knock off products are evident from daily household to electronic products. Usually, the consumer would know the differences between a brand name product and brand x. However, in the automotive industry the presence of copied parts hurt manufacturers of authentic aftermarket parts more so than it would in any other industry.

Therefore, this section is here to provide knowledge and awareness to automotive aftermarket consumers.

Reasons why you should buy authentic products

Purchasing authentic products supports original manufactures, which will in turn help the consumer in the long run.
If the US automotive market is flooded with counterfeit products, manufactures from Japan might be less inclined to venture to the US. Result, US consumers will suffer by only being able to purchase counterfeit/inferior parts.

Authentic products are superior to their counterfeit copies:
In the automotive market, you do get what you pay for.

Authentic products are built and manufactured with quality and for the good of the consumer.
Counterfeit products concentrate on mass production, cheaper manufacturing and low quality

Authentic products make parts for the long run of the consumer.
Most counterfeit products are made and sold on a short term timeline, mostly to capitalize on fads.

Reasons why you should buy authentic products

Quality, quality, quality
Quality is not sacrificed for a quick buck. Purchasing authentic products (for the most part), assures the consumer will receive quality products. In the case of Vertex aero, each piece is manufactured by hand. Close attention to detail, weight/spec of each part are carefully R&D’d and formulated for the consumer’s best interest. Quality assurance is also not compromised.

Long term gains to purchasing authentic products

DURABILITY! Authentic products have proven to last longer than counterfeit products.
Mishaps happen on the track, Vertex track vehicles are not different. Our cars crash, we run over bumpers, etc. but our products remain in tact (not indestructible), in tact. Having mishaps such as these prove our products are built with quality and strength. You might not be so lucky with a counterfeit.

If you don’t believe us, here are some pics from our Vertex bumper after it got ran over at 80MPH on the track:

Notice even though the front bumper was ran over at such a high speed, the overall structure of the part is in one piece. Lesser products would shatter at such an impact. Despite, the obvious aesthetic blemish suffered by the accident, the Vertex bumper is still in shape and ready to be remounted.

Very well made products…clean and good fitment, and the style is awesome.

Edgar Acevedo
Walnut, CA

One of the best aero part manufactures in the industry, best stile for all cars.

Victor Intili
Milpitas, CA

Technical and Elegance, simply said. At first I had the knock off, fit like dooky as seen in pics, so I said “No” to knockoffs and bought the real kit from Speed Alliance. I feel much better having the real deal.

Royal Tse
Sacramento, CA

I bought body kit for cheap on eBay for my 350z. I thought I was getting good quality at an unbeatable price. When I got my kit, I was very disappointed in the finish of the products. It seemed nothing fit! I also had to pay an arm and a leg for installation and fitment from my body shop. So I spent more money trying to get the kit to fit and look nice. After it was said and done, I wasn’t impressed at all. By sheer luck, a Mini Cooper hit me on the freeway. My rear bumper was shattered. Now with money from my settlement, I shopped around for another kit.. I came across Vertex and WOW was I ever impressed. This time around, I even got a discount from my body shop. The finish and fitment was top notch. Now I know better!

Arnold Spratt
Los Angeles, CA

Professional feedback regarding authentic products

The following are a few quotes from professional automotive experts. Read what they have to say about authentic (Vertex) products!

VERTEX products have awesome styling and durability to give you confidence while you’re pushing your limits on track.

Jayson Pizarro
ProAM Driver

From a fundamental standpoint, all you need to do is see how well these products stand up to track abuse. Case closed.

Prashant Patel
Retailer/Car Builder

Counterfeit vs. Authentic

For Vertex products only!
Each Vertex product is manufactured with a serial number and certificate of authenticity. If your aero does not have either, you have a counterfeit product.

Vertex kits are made to fit specifically to their factory application. Special cases of fitment are JDM spec bumper modifications for US Spec applications. Counterfeit products DO NOT fit most of the time. In many cases, a professional installer is needed to do proper fitting, or no fitting whatsoever. In addition, counterfeit products are tend to warp over time.








Predrilled holes
Vertex kits are predrilled to factory spec. Counterfeit products have NO predrilled holes.


Vertex products are thin and lightweight. This allows our material to have more flexibility than counterfeits that are heavy and thick.It’s simple, more give/flex = no shattering.

Vertex Fitment
Now compare the counterfeit fitment to Vertex fitment:


Notice Vertex lines are completely straight and follow factory body lines. Again, quality is NOT compromised with authentic products!


In closing, we thank you for reading our No Knockoff section. We hope we have enlightend you somewhat to what type of products you are paying for. Overall, we would like to offer information for all consumers so that all manufactures of AUTHENTIC products will benefit. Let’s get rid of the knockoffs in our industry!!

Thank you,
Vertex USA