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Long term gains to purchasing authentic products

- DURABILITY! Authentic products have proven to last longer than counterfeit products.

Mishaps happen on the track, Vertex track vehicles are not different. Our cars crash, we run over bumpers, etc. but our products remain in tact (not indestructible), in tact. Having mishaps such as these prove our products are built with quality and strength. You might not be so lucky with a counterfeit.

If you don’t believe us, here are some pics from our Vertex bumper after it got ran over at 80MPH on the track -


Notice even though the front bumper was ran over at such a high speed, the overall structure of the part is in one piece. Lesser products would shatter at such an impact. Despite, the obvious aesthetic blemish suffered by the accident, the Vertex bumper is still in shape and ready to be remounted.