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Jayson Pizarro returns to Vertex! LS1 GSX

Vertex USA would like to welcome our good friend and one of the best car builders in the US back to the family! This J.PIZO x DGR Fab collaboration has now officially bum-rushed the scene with this murdered out LS1 GSX! Check out the satin black finish with gloss black accents delivering black on black crime. Oh did we mention it’s powered by an LS1 ? THIS IS NOT A SHOW CAR!






Fatlace X Jay’s GS400 X LS1 from fatlace on Vimeo.

One Response to “Jayson Pizarro returns to Vertex! LS1 GSX”

  1. trap 1 ryan Says:

    i swear. jay is like rj deva but not. jay is a cooler dood and does way cooler builds.

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