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Royal Tse’s Vertex SC300 NA-T

Name: Royal Tse
Location: Sacramento, CA
Car Make: Lexus
Car Model: 1995 SC300 NA-T
Car Mods:
-Authentic T&E Vertex kit
-ITS GT35R turbo, Midnight
-Performance custom turbo manifold & aluminum intercooler piping
-ATS Carbon LSD 2-Way
-Apexi Intercooler
-HKS Twin Power Ignition
-HKS Type II Blow Off Valve
-HKS filter
-HKS Wastegate
-HKS Carbon-Ti
-HKS D1 shift knob
-C’s Short shifter
-Blitz D1 Uras DC Meter Gauges
-Blitz D1 Ltd Spec FATT DC TurboTimer
-Blitz SBC iColor Boost Controller with Blitz A/F Wideband integrated
-550cc RC Fuel Injectors
-Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
-HKS Fuel Pressure Regulator
-Earl fittings
-steel braided oil +fuel lines
-Supra Brake calipers
-Project Mu Rotors
-C’s Short Shifter
-TRD Steering Wheel
-Tein CS Coilovers Cust: F14kg R 8kg
-Reupholstered black leather with Bride gradiation
-Carbing Oil Catch Can
-Custom Resevoir Tank
-Philips HID 6000K
-Volk Racing GTU Rear 18×10 Front 18×9
-Pioneer AVIC-D2 Navigation
-Kicker SX650
-Kicker L7 10″
-Valentine One radar detector

Why Vertex aero?: I was at Irwindale in 2003 at the first D1 event in the US, saw the Soarer and Takahiro Ueno has been my idol ever since.
Opinion on Vertex aero: Technical and Elegance, simply said. At first I had the knock off, fit like dooky as seen in pics, so I said “No” to knockoffs and bought the real kit from Speed Alliance. I feel much better having the real deal. It’s getting repainted as we speak, eta 4/2007……

Website:Thanks to: www.midnightperformance.com
& www.bodylinesinc.com


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