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Thank you for visiting the new Vertex USA website! This is the official home for Vertex USA- the North American distributors of Car Make T&E Japan. We have a wide variety of products to suit today’s car builder. We strive to provide the best products and service to our customers!

Vertex body-kits are hand-made in Japan and are built for quality and durability. Not only do the Vertex aero-kits withstand severe track abuse, they are the most elegant body-kits on the market today. These products have graced famous D1GP drifting cars from Japan and now are available worldwide.

Drifters who endorse Vertex body-kits include Takahiro Ueno, Nob Tanaguchi, Yoichi Imamura, Darren Mcnamara, Tomokazu Hirota , Hiro Sumida, Robbie Nishida and many more!

All Vertex body-kits are designed with the Japanese spirit.


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