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Scott Buwalda’s Hybrid VERTEX Nissan Silvia S14.5 (260SX) Spec. GT-R!!

For more info, click HERE

5 Responses to “Scott Buwalda’s Hybrid VERTEX Nissan Silvia S14.5 (260SX) Spec. GT-R!!”

  1. Jhonatan Says:

    Hi!!…i have a Silvia S14 and i wanted to paint it like this S15!!!!…. Could you give me the exacly color please??!!!!!!!..


  2. vertex Says:

    Unfortunately we don’t have the paint code for you. :(

  3. Jhonatan Says:

    ouh!!! :( ….ok no problem man i’ll try to get that color cause its the one i’ve been looking for!!!….excelent car!!!….

  4. Toney Says:

    You can goto buwalda hybrids website, or hybrid audio technologies and either contact Scott Buwalda via email, or call the contact number on his website and im sure you can get it from him, its his car (;

  5. Jhonatan Says:

    Thanks!! man!!! I gonna contact him, im hope i can get that awesome color.


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