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Hiro Sumida’s Vertex Lang S15

Hiro Sumida S15

- Vertex Lang Body Kit
- Falken Azenis RT-615 tires
- Tomei Genesis 2.2L complete engine w/ ARMS turbo
- Tomei Technical Trax LSD
- OS Giken Twin Plate clutch
- OS Giken close-ratio 5 speed transmission
- Bride Zeta III seats
- Techno Square roll cage
- US Earth body work & paint
- Battle version suspension arms
- Kakimoto exhaust
- Greddy Intercooler
- MRR wheels

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  1. Audrey Says:

    I have Honda Accord. I want to buy new luxury car. What shall I go for VOLVO S80, BMW 5 SERIES OR MERCEDES E CLASS?

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