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Customer testimonials regarding Vertex product experience

The following are a few customer testimonials.

“Very well made products…clean and good fitment, and the style is awesome”
– Edgar Acevedo, Walnut, Ca.

“One of the best aero part manufactures in the industry, best stile for all cars”
– Victor Intili, Milpitas, Ca.

“Technical and Elegance, simply said. At first I had the knock off, fit like dooky as seen in pics, so I said “No” to knockoffs and bought the real kit from Speed Alliance. I feel much better having the real deal.”
– Royal Tse, Sacramento, CA.

“I bought body kit for cheap on ebay for my 350z. I thought I was getting good quality at an unbeatable price. When I got my kit, I was very disappointed in the finish of the products. It seemed nothing fit! I also had to pay an arm and a leg for installation and fitment from my body shop. So I spent more money trying to get the kit to fit and look nice. After it was said and done, I wasn’t impressed at all. By sheer luck, a Mini Cooper hit me on the freeway. My rear bumper was shatterd. Now with money from my settlement, I shopped around for another kit.. I came across Vertex and WOW was I ever impressed. This time around, I even got a discount from my body shop. The finish and fitment was top notch. Now I know better!”
- Arnold Spratt, Los Angeles, Ca.