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No Knockoffs

At Vertex USA, our goal is to provide awareness to aftermarket automotive consumers regarding authentic products and their copied counterparts.

Let’s face it, knock off products are everywhere. Regardless of the industry, knock off products are evident from daily household to electronic products. Usually, the consumer would know the differences between a brand name product and brand x. However, in the automotive industry the presence of copied parts hurt manufacturers of authentic aftermarket parts more so than it would in any other industry.

Therefore, this section is here to provide knowledge and awareness to automotive aftermarket consumers.

In this section you’ll find the following:
1) Reasons why you should buy authentic products
2) Rewards of buying authentic products
3) Long term gains to purchasing authentic products
4) Customer testimonials regarding Vertex product experience
5) Professional feedback regarding what makes a good product
6) Counterfeit vs. Authentic

No Knockoffs

In closing, we thank you for reading our No Knockoff section. We hope we have enlightend you somewhat to what type of products you are paying for. Overall, we would like to offer information for all consumers so that all manufactures of AUTHENTIC products will benefit. Let’s get rid of the knockoffs in our industry!!

Thank you,
Vertex USA