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Vertex USA approved auto body shop: Pacific Coast Auto Body

So where does Vertex USA paint their own cars? That question is asked countless times by our customers. The answer is: Pacific Coast Auto Body.

The folks at Pacific Coast have been servicing San Diego since 1987. This family owned/operated company is known for painting million dollar Ferrari’s, muscle cars and even had a car on the cover of Import Tuner Magazine.

Pacific Coast is also proud to say they have a consistent stable of body men. Meaning, this is not only a company with workers. But a family and a well trained unit (iCar and ASE professionals) who meshes well delivering fantastic results every time. In addition, Pacific Coast uses nothing but the best materials, PPG Global to ensure that classic and sleek finish.

But having a stable crew and using the best materials isn’t the only reason why Vertex USA brings our cars here; we also come for the service. The owner(s) Don Jr and Don Sr, have an inviting feeling about them that surpasses most body shops when taking on a job. Don Jr. is excited to take on our body kits.

I love to see the customers reaction when we deliver the final product. Knowing what it looked like when it first came here and knowing what it has become under our roof is a tremendous feeling…” - Don Nordgren Jr. (Owner- Pacific Coast)

In fact, it’s his attention to detail that draws us to utilize Pacific Coast to compliment our products. After all, we at Vertex USA pride ourselves for delivering high quality products to the United States. That is why we use a high quality shop such as Pacific Coast to finish our projects.

You have to have a passion for this stuff, if you don’t, you won’t do a good job and you won’t take care of your customers“, emphasizes Don Nordgren Jr. when explaining the business.

Passion for auto body is certainly one of the essential traits we at Vertex USA look for when painting/installing our products and Don and his crew can deliver. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable, friendly and professional body shop, contact Pacific Coast.

Pacific Coast Auto Body Paint
8360 Miramar Pl
San Diego, CA 92121
PH: (858) 452-7200

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