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Vertex 350Z now available at Performance Nissan of Duarte!

Collaborating with some of the top leaders in the industry, Performance Nissan of Duarte has teamed up with HKS USA, RAYS Engineering, Vertex USA, and DTM Autobody to bring you the ultimate out-of-the-box 350Z.

The foundation of this turn-key car started from a low mileage (33,XXX) 2004 Chrome Silver Touring model 350Z. Its features from the factory come with frost leather interior, power and heated seats, BOSE audio, vehicle dynamic control (VDC). In addition, Performance NISSAN of Duarte has updated all the technical service bulletins; replacing the existing transmission assembly with the updated version (CD009) which reduces grinding of the gears and a smoother gear box. With the transmission being replaced, the factory flywheel was also replaced due to wear and tear from its previous owner. The clutch assembly was also swapped out with a NISMO pressure plate and clutch disc that features a 1030kg capacity pressure plate to hold the additional 18+% horsepower and 23+% torque that the HKS GT Supercharger produces. These simple dealer updates gives the car a higher responsive clutch pedal feel with smooth engagement shifting.

Perfromance Nissan Duarte Vertex 350Z!!

The power plant of this VQ was upgraded to a out-of-the-box HKS GT Supercharger kit. Staying in compliance with C.A.R.B, this supercharger kit is pending an EO# for a 50 state legal kit. HKS USA installed and tuned all the HKS parts at their facilities to guarantee quality craftsmanship of the labor of the installation. Included in the GT Supercharger kit comprises a self-contained traction oil system and oil cooler, front mount intercooler, Super Mega Flow Intake, and an F-Con IS which is vehicle-specific to this application. The unique patented Torque Response Traction Drive system allows the supercharger to run a lot more efficiently and eliminates excess noises that you would normally find in a gear-driven supercharger. This results in a highly responsive, highly efficient, low-noise operational supercharger kit for a daily driven vehicle. Breathing out the exhaust is a HKS Hi-Power Ti. cat-back exhaust system which features true dual 60mm piping with a 120mm adjustable titanium tips.

Perfromance Nissan Duarte Vertex 350Z!!

The suspension on this vehicle was re-vamped with the new HKS Hipermax III. This suspension system features the all-new Hiper Linear Piston dampening system which allows a positive relationship between piston speed and dampening force. The end-result exudes an overall improved vehicle dynamic with enhanced handling ability while maintaining the attributes of a street-driven car. The new Hipermax III is also shock-body-length adjustable to allow vehicle height adjustment without affecting the spring rates so accurate corner weight distribution can be achieved. With 30-way dampening and ride height adjust ability; the driver can find its core setup to offer an optimum handling ability.

Perfromance Nissan Duarte Vertex 350Z!!

The remaining footwork of this turn-key vehicle are VOLK Racing GTF. in RAYS flagship color, Mercury Silver. Offering RAYS unparalleled forging technology that is used in the most intense motorsports of our time, you will find the same technology applied to these wheels. The outer barrel of the GTF. is forged from aluminum giving it a light-weight and rigid structure. These wheels are lighter and stronger than most household brand names that most of you see today. The fitment of the wheels that were selected was 19×9.5 +17 and 19×10.5 +24. Wrapped around the wheels TOYO T1-R with a staggering size of 255/35/19 and 275/35/19.

Vertex USA supplied a Half Kit for this vehicle which give its a subtle yet aggressive styling. With the authenticity of this brand, the fitment is nothing less of what an O.E body part would be. Prepping, spraying, and installing the body kit was none other than DTM Autobody which is a shop known for it relentless custom body work done on numerous industry icon vehicles.

Perfromance Nissan Duarte Vertex 350Z!!

All in all, this turn-key car is the ultimate out-of-the-box package that offers reliable daily driven power, comfortable yet enhanced handling abilities, and a styling that will make heads turn!

Please contact Andy Kim at Performance Nissan of Duarte for serious inquiries.

Automotive Builder/Stylist: Andy Kim
HKS GT Supercharger, Hipermax III, Hi-Power Ti. Exhaust Installed by HKS USA
Vertex Half Kit prepped and painted by DTM Autobody

Asking Price $35,500

Perfromance Nissan Duarte Vertex 350Z!!

for more info: MY NISMO

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