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PERFECTION Released: Jayson Pizarro hits Modified Magazine cover (12.07)

Vertex USA is proud to announce our very own Jayson Pizarro’s Vertex Ridge S14 has hit the cover of Modified Magazine’s December 2007 issue. This is a defining moment for Jayson Pizarro’s story car building career as a legendary 240sx builder and drifter. Hard work, dedication and an overall eye of style and class encompass what Jayson Pizarro is all about. This can especially be seen in the cars he drives and the cars he builds. For those who do not yet have this issue, we urge you to pick it up. In it, you will find out what it takes to be on the next level as far as car building. Congratulations to Jayson Pizarro we are proud to have you on our team.


7 Responses to “PERFECTION Released: Jayson Pizarro hits Modified Magazine cover (12.07)”

  1. Prashant Says:

    Congrats Jay! Can’t wait to go pickup the issue!

  2. Leroy Says:

    I love you Jay!

  3. Boris Says:

    Thats sick Jay. It was cool meeting you at All Star Bash.

  4. family part of the weekend… « the breakdown… Says:

    [...] does I still manage to see him relatively often. The show was pretty cool. Got to chill with Al, Jay, Calvin and Lea during the awards. Right after that we bounced to head to [...]

  5. wendel Says:

    freakin sick!!

  6. tolits Says:

    nice ride.. clean!

  7. J Pizarro X S13 Sylvia « BN Sports USA Says:

    [...] how the car would look. As you can see it was not a disappointment. Many of you might remember Jays S14 and how it graced the cover of Modified Mag. Attention to detail is what Jay is all about and this [...]

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