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Ronile’s Vertex S14


Name: Ronile Santos
Location: San Diego
Car Make: Nissan
Car Model: 1998 240SX
Car Mods: Car Mods:
Full Vertex bodykit
Vertex Signal lights
Work Emotions 18×9.5
KYB AGX/Eibach sportline
Apex N1 Exhaust
Nismo shift knob
VIS Carbon Fiber Hood

Why Vertex aero?: I wanted to be one of the cool guys in San Diego…jk haha. The vertex kit is plain and simple. Plus the guys at speed alliance convinced me to get it. haha
Opinion on Vertex aero?: Vertex aero is GREAT kit.

2 Responses to “Ronile’s Vertex S14”

  1. aeron hawk Says:

    would the vertex kit fit on my 95 240sx s14? my 240 looks lilke yours red lowerd and everything im trying to get my hamnds on a nice simple clean looking kit.

  2. vertex Says:

    It definitely will Aeron!!!

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