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Johnny Feng’s IS250

2006 Lexus IS250
6-Speed Manual

-ARC Oil Cap
-ARC Radiator Cap
-ARC Induction Box (Only one in America)
-ARC Suction Pipe (Only one in America)
-HKS Hi-Power Dual Exhaust
-Sun Auto Hot Inazma ECO
-Sun Auto Hyper Gauss
-Sun Auto Hyper Voltage System

-Custom Front Strut Tower Bar
-Project Kics R40 Neo Chrono
-Project Mu 4-Pot BBK
-Zeal Function-XS Coilover System

-ARC Titanium Shift Knob
-Bride ZETA III (2)
-Bride FO-Type Brackets (2)
-Nardi Classic Nob Edition
-NRG Short Hub
-Project Mu Pedal System
-Takata 4-Point Harness
-Works Bell Rapfix GTC (Black)

-Custom Shaved Emblems
-House Of Color Flat Black
-Vertex Front Lip
-Vertex Sidesteps
-Vertex Rear Apron
-Vertex Rear Trunk Spoiler
-Xenon-Vision HID Foglights
-Xenon-Vision 8000k HID kit

-Crossfire 1000D
-Crossfire BMF Subwoofers (2)
-Crossfire VR404
-Eclipse AVN5500
-Eclipse BEC106

-Volk Racing TE-37 (Magnesium Blue)
19×8.5 Front, 19×9.5 Rear
-Dunlop Sportsmaxx Tires
225/35/19 Front, 265/30/19 Rear

3 Responses to “Johnny Feng’s IS250”

  1. James Says:

    Sweet!! The most modified 2IS i’ve ever seen!!

  2. JDM jon Says:

    really kool first nice is250 i seen im from canada and wondering were did u get these genuine arc intenational products from?and how much ponies u putting down with this setup?

  3. Max Says:

    What offset are those TE37s Johnny ?

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