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Phillie Burns’s Lexus IS300



Name: Phillie Burns
Location: Hampton Roads, VA





Make: Toyota
Model: IS300

Why did you choose Vertex?: I thought it was the best looking body kit for the IS300

Your opinion?: As far as fitment and style i give 10 out of 10, but I think the material could be better maybe platic coating or something more durable other than that perfect.


9 Responses to “Phillie Burns’s Lexus IS300”

  1. ti0713 Says:

    what kind of rear bumper is that on phillie buns lexus is300 white on white wheels ?

  2. phillie burns Says:

    that is the charge speed rear whithout add on diffuser sectioned off with graphite grey on the bottom

  3. Dan Smiley Says:

    Sage Auto did that car there located in Norfolk VA.

    850 W. 40th st.
    Norfolk VA

    Iam getting some vertex parts for my S14 from them.

  4. Ivan Kenzzo Says:

    Hello Phillie, my name is Ivan Kenzzo, I’m going to redo my Lexus is as I would love to know how that managed to rear bumper, the car diffuser that is? A greeting…

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Flip Ganzo Says:

    Love the stance… I have an IS as well and wanted to know other than the fenders being pulled what else is needed to get this look? what size wheels and tires? and for suspension? MEAN PROPS

  6. Phillyb Says:

    Let me know any info you need. Email me at sales@sageautosports.com

    We are a distributor for Vertex so we can help you with everything.

  7. sebastien Says:

    Hy Phillyb, what is the model of your wheels ?
    Tanks !

  8. TREY Says:

    Hey, love the the complete body of your car. I just got my IS from cali, I live in TX, and have had it less than a week and we had a bad rain and a flash flood and now I’m having tons of body work done, and would love to know all the body pieces to order. I really appreciate it, thanks for your time. I could almost cry the situation was so bad. I basically exited the highway into a lake!

  9. vertex Says:

    Hit up Sage Auto, they will be able to help you out!

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