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Club Vertex

Welcome to Club Vertex! This section is our homage to our loyal customers and the official Vertex USA team. We have decided to create this section because we wanted to showoff the exquisite work of our customers and team. We would like to share them all on a public platform. Thus, Club Vertex was created.

Please enjoy this section. Congrats to everyone featured on Club Vertex, you all truly deserve to be showcased!

Club Vertex

Team Vertex
Team Vertex

Click here to visit our blog, “The Dropoff!”

Submit your car to Club Vertex
If you are a Vertex customer (or a future Vertex customer) and would like to submit your car for Club Vertex, please fill out the following requirements and email to: clubvertex[at]vertex-usa.com

Car Make:
Car Model:
Car Mods:
Why you chose Vertex aero:
Your opinion on Vertex aero:
Website (If applicable):
IMAGES of your car (must be no larger than 400kb in size):
Mailing address (not required):

You may forward as many pictures of your car as you like. We will pick the best images and feature your car on CLUB VERTEX! Also, your mailing address isn’t required but those who submit mailing addresses will receive CLUB VERTEX decals.