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The Brands


The following are product descriptions for all of the T&E Vertex Product lines offered to you by Vertex USA


The flagship brand for Car Make T&E. Vertex body kits are the perfect products for the enthusiast who wants a no bull subtle style.


For the European minded automotive enthusiasts. T&E strives to provide inherit design to European applications

Vertex Ridge:

The widebody system toted by many as the best looking widebody system for their applications.

Vertex ISM:

Specifically created for Kcar/Vanning/Siphon/VIP Enthusiasts. ISM Products enhance the “normal” cars to true classic appeal

Vertex Lang:

Next level in T&E Vertex design, Vertex Lang offers the complete package while maintaining a non aggressive classy style.


For the next generation in automotive styling. The debut cars of 2000 are being dressed in a completely new shape and form. Our resolve is Digna – for the new shapes in automotive design.

What makes a great body kit product?

All Vertex (Ridge, Lang, Digna, Vertice) products are built with the “quality, not quantity” school of thought. Each piece is hand made to order. Our products are light weight and thin (a common misconception between tuners who purchase body kits). Quality body kits which are light weight/thin adhere with more flex and strength than heavier and thicker kits on the market.

This isn’t just theroy, this is fact…
The D1GP is known for its famous crashes and high speed cornering. Now, imagine hitting a retaining wall or running over your front bumper at high speeds. One would think the car pieces would be damaged. With Vertex kits, the consumer is less likely to shatter a bumper in these scenarios. This has been proven by Takahiro Ueno and ProAM driver Jayson Pizarro. Both had a few mishaps on the track, but with quality products garnishing their track vehicles, damage was minimal. Vertex products are known and loved by many D1GP participants. Simply because of quality and style. Therefore, make the choice the professionals make. Choose Vertex products for your car!

For more info regarding what makes a great body kit, please visit our NO KNOCKOFF section.